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Causes of Snoring

The people who snore at night often think that what is the reason behind it? What is the reason that they make such horrible sounds at night that their co-partner also feel disturbed because of them. Actually it is a harsh sound made by the relax tissues of the throat because they find it difficult to pass air through them and the passage of airway is not that wide that the air will pass so easily. There are many causes of snoring and it becomes more troublesome when the snorer wake up himself because of the sound he make at night. Most of the time the spouse of the snorer suffers the most because of snoring of the co-partner and it really needs some medical help as there is some obstruction in the path of air.

Many times snoring does not happen because of any serious condition and it do not require any such medical treatment. Here are some of the common causes of snoring:

  • Many times the tissues of tongue and throat get relaxed when a person is in deep sleep. At that time snoring is not such big problem as at that time the cause is not the obstruction of air but it is just a relaxed condition in which the sound is also not too high that will disturb the co-partner.
  • Some times due to growing age people start snoring so it is also quite normal.
  • When the people are suffering from cold and cough, at that time too people start snoring.

Now we need to understand some serious causes of snoring because of which some troubles may arise in future:

  • Some anatomical abnormalities of ear, nose and throat can cause snoring and it is very important to take some medical help to improve the condition.
  • Enlargement of some special tissues like adenoids and tonsils results in snoring by hindering in the path of air. At this stage surgical help can only improve the condition as antibiotics do not work on it.
  • A uvula can block the way of air and that is how it causes obstruction of air.
  • Hypertrophic turbinates is another problem which can cause snoring.

There are some other problems which are very rare in nature and is seen very rarely in people who snore, in other words these kinds of problems very rarely arise. They may occur due to hereditary problems as they shift from a father to his son or daughter. The main cause behind it is the soft palate. Some of the common condition which arise because of it are as following:

  • Retrognathia - it is a condition in which the lower jaw of the person is located far behind the upper jaw.
  • Laryngomalacia - is actually a breakage of larynx's soft cartilage during in take of air.
  • Choanal atrecia - it is a blockage of nasal passage by abnormal tissue.

Following are some genetic syndromes:

  • Apert's syndrome
  • Pierre Robin Sequence
  • Treacher Collins Syndrome
  • Goldenhar syndrome

All of the above syndromes are very rare to be seen in people so many times the reason behind snoring remain a mystery.

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